Leading a balanced life is hard, if not a life goal in itself.

At Silver Ocean Club we help you to get closer to this ideal state.

We help you to find your balance by making the things you enjoy a bit healthier

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Hard Seltzer?

Silver Ocean Seltzer is part of the Hard Seltzer category of drinks. Hard Seltzer is a well known drink in the United States and is quietly conquering Europe. Seltzer means carbonated water and Hard signifies that it contains alcohol (around 5% ABV). This basis is flavored with fruit aromas.

How do we make our Hard Seltzer?

It all starts with the brewing process. A natural reaction converts organic cane sugars with champagne yeast and clear water into the base of Silver Ocean Seltzer. Then our carefully selected natural aromas are added which are sourced all the way from France. Together, they create a balanced sensation of both scent and taste. Finally, a minimal amount of sweeteners is added to enhance the fruit flavors. This provides a perfect harmony in a drink that’s part of your journey to find balance.

The benefits of Silver Ocean Seltzer

  • No carbohydrates
  • No sugar
  • No gluten
  • 100% Vegan
  • Low in calories
With these characteristics, Silver Ocean Seltzer fits in perfectly with the spirit of today. People want to enjoy in a more conscious way and pay greater attention to their carbohydrates and sugar intake. Moreover, it’s becoming more important to enjoy natural and biological products instead of artificial ones.