Leading a balanced life is hard, if not a life goal in itself.

At Silver Ocean Club we help you to get closer to this ideal state.

We help you to find your balance by making the things you enjoy a bit healthier

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The story

The Silver Ocean Club

Seeing the world, building a career and staying healthy? Oh, don’t forget to live in the moment and make memories and friends along the way. Leading a balanced life is a struggle and a goal at the same time. Difficult to achieve, but definitely worth striving for. The Silver Ocean Club wants to contribute to this goal, by making the things you enjoy a bit healthier. It provides you with products and services that contribute to a balanced lifestyle. Silver Ocean Seltzer is the first embodiment of this vision, but for sure not the last!

Moreover, as a company that contributes to balance, we want to balance our responsibilities as well. Not just to our shareholders, but also to society and our planet. The ocean is an enormously important part of our planet. The earth’s surface is covered by more than 70% with water. An incredible 94% of all Earth’s living species exist within our oceans. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more polluted and out of balance by the day. We have chosen to support initiatives that contribute to a cleaner and healthier ocean in the future. Bring the balance back. To achieve a Silver Ocean, full of fish. Hence the name Silver Ocean Club.

``For us, Silver Ocean Seltzer is just the start. It’s more than a drink, even more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle.``

Yeah, that’s us. Just 3 friends on a quest for balance.

The journey started near the end of 2019. We came across an article about a new drink that was making waves in the United States; Hard Seltzer. A refreshing alcoholic drink, low in calories and without any sugars or carbs. That sounded perfect. Finally, a healthier replacement for a beer or a glass of wine. It fit in perfectly with our vision for a balanced lifestyle: eating right and getting some exercise every week, while working towards achieving your goals. On the other hand, enjoying the moment, spending time with friends or family (usually with a drink) and having a good pizza every now and then.

Importing Hard Seltzer proved a difficult challenge. When we finally got our hands on some cans from the UK, we were pretty disappointed. The first thing we noticed was that this Hard Seltzer wasn’t brewed, but simply mixed. If you’re not satisfied with something, you have two options: complain or do something about it. We decided to create our own Hard Seltzer. Equipped with a home brewing kit, our experiment started. After months of tasting and fine tuning the perfect recipe was found. The result is Silver Ocean Seltzer, the drink that will help you to find your balance. As it does for us.


Do you have any questions about us, our products, our goals or anything else?

Don’t hesitate. We would love to answer your questions or even to talk about the meaning of life.