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Mix 24x


Refreshing Grapefruit, sweet Cherry and exotic Guava – A festival of flavors and taste.
  • 330 ml bottles – 4.6% or 5.2% ABV (alcohol)
  • 26 or 29 kcal / 100ml
  • 0g sugar & 0g carbs
  • Gluten-free & 100% vegan 

Can’t choose or simply like them all?

With this mix pack you’ll get the full experience.


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Equal amount of Grapefruit, Cherry and Guava flavored hard seltzer. Brewed from a mix of organic cane sugar and fresh water, which is fermented by champagne yeast. The flavor is derived from natural fruit aromas mixed with a tiny bit of sweetener (sugar and carbohydrate free) to obtain a perfectly balanced subtile and smooth taste.

Grapefruit/Cherry & Guava

Serving: 330ml bottle

ABV: 5,2% and 4,5%

Calories: 29 and 26 in 100ml

Sugars: 0g

Carbohydrates: 0g

No gluten

100% vegan

Additional information

Weight13.5 kg
Dimensions388 × 258 × 237 cm


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